Product Categories

Gas Taps

The gas tap is opened by combined pushing and anti-clockwise rotational movement of the control spindle. This releases the spindle from the retaining latch in the ‘off’ position and permits rotation and hence the passage of gas to the burner.

Thermocouple Valves

A thermocouple fitted to a magnet unit within a gas control valve which acts as a flame failure safety device.

Thermostatic Valves

are used to maintain the pre-set level at the desired temperature in the ovens in which the temperature sensor (thermostatic bulb) modulates to reach the desired temperature.


With series II burners, it is possible to satisfy customers’ requests as well as those of the end users. Series II burners has the feature of a modular system which means it is possible to mount different types of a flame spreader or lid to compose different models of burner.


In the safety gas valves, electromagnet plus thermocouple is used to prevent the flow of gas in the event of accidental extinction of the flame. In the event of accidental extinction of the flame, the thermocouple cools with a consequent reduction in the current generated.


Completion of the process of production and installation of ovens, samovar and heater parts requires requirements such as screws, nuts and clamps.

About Us

  • PARS SHIR MFG.CO. is a Manufacturing Company in the field of “gas household appliances” and has been operating for over 30 years in history. The Company produces mainly gas cooker valves including thermocouple and thermostatic valves, gas taps, and burners.
  • PARS SHIR MFG.CO. gas valves are used in free-standing cookers or built-in hobs to control the flow of gas and the power generated by the burners.
  • These valves are offered in the types with or without thermoelectric safety device (magnet units) and can be produced in brass or extruded aluminum alloys.
  • Since 1988, we have built our status and achievements on our greatest strength: the generations of employees who are part of our history and our future. People are the foundation of our Company.